Submission of Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories

In fairness, I should say at the outset that we do not currently pay for stories. However, from 2014, i.e. Issue 13, onwards, we have awarded a modest book prize to each author featured in the issue. Authors will each pick a book prize. The current prize table is HERE.

Mythaxis has been running since 2008, a long time for a webzine.

We welcome new short speculative, sf and fantasy fiction. Email your submissions to:

Note that this is now the only address for submissions, and the alternate email address used in the past is no longer available.

A short story is defined as a story which can comfortably be read in one sitting. Conventionally, this means it must be less than 20000 words in length. Most short stories are less than half that length. Poe's The Gold Bug is over 25000 words. We will make exceptions for exceptional stories. The longest story we have published to date was around 10000 words, but most are in the 2500 range, while some are only a few hundred.

Format: For an initial submission, we will be content with an URL at which we can see the work. If we like the story and proceed to an editorial stage, we will render it into HTML, so you can send text in HTML, but please spare us the complication that is Microsoft Word's version of an html file. If you prepare your story in Word, send it either in original .doc format, or render it into plain text. Plain text is fine, too, preferably with no line breaks except a double line break at paragraph end. You can, if you like, stick HTML bold or italic brackets around a word or phrase, thus:

This word in <b>bold</b>, this in <i>italics</i>

but, by and large, for us, the simpler the better.

We are not, as a rule, interested in reviews of new sf or fantasy, especially if we feel that they are inspired by the publisher, but may publish critical works of a broader nature, covering, say, the works of a specific author or genre.

We also accept artwork. Cartoons, fantasy or sf art, especially if relevant to an accompanying story. We will normally display it in jpg format, but will accept it in pretty well any format.

Copyright in the piece will always remain with the author or artist unless special arrangements are negotiated.

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