An Entirely Self-serving Editorial

Gil Williamson

Mythaxis goes from strength to strength

Since the last issue, Mythaxis has received more that 2500 unique visitors, each of whom visited the site at least twice on average.

Our profile on the main search engines is also widening to around 2000. Some of these are, regrettably, due to a casino spamming hack that was launched on the old Mythaxis forum. But, hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

The Mythaxis Blog and Master Index. is also proving popular, visitor numbers being swollen by the recent review of William Gibson's Zero History.

Though a few of the writers in Mythaxis have long writing experience, it remains a showcase for sf and fantasy writing talent. Two of our younger contributors have had their stories picked up and published elsewhere.

We have six new stories in this edition, together with one very old one.

Date and time of last update 19:03 Sat 18 Sep 2010
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