Gil Williamson

Welcome to the 15th issue of Mythaxis.

The Mythaxis editorial office creaks into action again with this (I can hardly believe it) fifteenth issue of Mythaxis Magazine. Once again, we offer a wide range of science fiction and fantasy, including two more stories from Les Sklaroff's parallel world, two more from Martin Clark's future noir, a titillating tale from Andrew Leon Hunter and a look at justice from Jez Patterson.

And (thanks to Sean Crawford's Plains of Abyssinia) high-octane memoirs of the LSD-fuelled 1960s.

My own memories of the 1960s are less remarkable, and include:

  • a large disk storage unit, installed in a skyscraper, which, due to gyroscopic effects, tore up its anchors and started to walk across the room when the building swayed slightly in a high wind.
  • early, huge, laser printers which toasted (to a rich brown)the continuous stationery they used, and took minutes, and several yards of paper, to get up to speed and to slow down. If all you needed was a couple of lines of diagnostics, it made for quite a paper chase.
  • an experimental machine which chopped up documents and stuffed them into envelopes in real time as they poured out of the vast printers that were popular back then.
Oh, the good old days.

However, back to business. This edition of Mythaxis Magazine coincides with the release of William Gibson's novel, The Peripheral, a review of which appears in the Mythaxis blog.

In other news, we have updated the Mythaxis blog with a number of your editor's earlier reviews of books by William Gibson and Iain M Banks.

There is also a new page on the Mythaxis blog, called One-Line Movie Reviews. Most of them are not, in fact, only one line long, but they are brief enough to give your editor's trenchant view.

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