Gil Williamson

Welcome to the 13th issue of Mythaxis.

Welcome to the latest edition of Mythaxis, Issue THIRTEEN! A few days late to be the August edition, but not so late it has to be the September edition.

Lately, I've been falling heir to a number of old Astounding / Analog Science Fiction magazines, and I noticed several things:

  • They were quite expensive, even back in the fifties - one shilling and ninepence (about 8p in today's money) - in the days when a Penguin paperback could be had for just two shillings and sixpence (12.5p in today's money). Their appeal was that they were NEW stories. You could be the very first UK reader of Alfred Bester's latest novel.
  • Novelettes were usually serialised, typically over two months.
  • There were actually very few stories in a single edition.
  • Many of the authors turned up again and again - Poul Anderson was particularly prolific.
  • Many of the stories in ASF are enduring classics.

It is that tradition: ASF, Galaxy, New Worlds, Impulse that we are aspiring to in Mythaxis. Every tale in this issue is a potential classic. Read and enjoy!

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