Quality Put to the Vote

Gil Williamson

Welcome to the PRIZE-WINNING March 2013 edition of Mythaxis.

Yes! Vote for your favourite stories in this issue of Mythaxis. Winners will receive book prizes.

The voting form is at the foot of the page. Voting is anonymous, but we will be able to tell if you vote too often!

We'll leave the poll open until the next issue of Mythaxis, which will probably be in July.

When we started Mythaxis, we expected most of our authors to be young, and, indeed, many are. However, in this edition, at least three of the contributors are over 70 years old, demonstrating that the desire to write is a lifelong compulsion.
It may be of interest to hear that Mythaxis attracted 6000 readers in 2012, mostly in August, September and October after the release of issue 11. I have eliminated Search Engine robots from that figure.

The most-viewed story was Martin Clark's sequel "All Avenues Closed" from issue 10, followed by Andrew Leon Hudson's "Mindbleed" from issue 11.


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