Gil Williamson

A belated welcome to the June 2011 edition of Mythaxis.

Most publishers seem to produce the June edition in the middle of May. Breaking with tradition, we are publishing the June edition in early July. We have been running since February 2008, which is quite a long time for a Webzine. I like to think we are now comfortably established, but we can never have too many readers, so keep Tweeting and Facebooking about us.

I'd also like to draw to your attention the Authors' Links page, giving the sites of some of our authors.

In this edition, we have two more sparkling tales from Les Sklaroff, a cyberpunk game within a game from Martin Clark, a fantasy reminiscence from Matthew Kirshenblatt, a post-apocalypse from Twilite Minotaur, a modest offering from your editor, and a haunting far-future vision from Annabel Banks.

And, of course, another cartoon from Liam Baldwin.

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